Focus Listening (4) Unit 3 Keys and Scripts

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《听说》第四册 答案

Unit 3 Advertising

Part A Micro-listening

Listening for Key Words

Script and Key to Exercise 1

I was planning to buy a digital camera last year, but none of the cameras on the market fulfilled my

criteria. After lots of hunting for the right camera I finallly found the one that was the best. The Canon A95 turns out to be everything you can want of a camera. It is really amzaing. Firstly, it’s simple to use.

Secondly, it can create images of true color and terrific quality – even in your biggest prints. And thirdly, it can capture beautiful pictures and satisfy the needs of more experienced users.

Brand name:Advantages:

1) 2) 3) 4)

Key to Exercise2

1. 2.

Part B Macro-listening

Script to a Passage

Successful Advertising

One of the keys to successful advertising is to catch the interest of readers. In your busy life, there is little time to read every page in front of your, so you have to be very selective. Being aware of this, advertisers go to great lengths to arouse your curiosity in what they have to say. You should know when advertisers are trying to catch your interest so that you keep in mind that they are attempting to influence you.

Advertisers always have an intended audience targeted for their messages – men, women, or children of specific ages, from various ethnic groups, and with certain interests. It is important that you know to whom an advertisement is designed to appeal so that you can decide whether or not you should spend your time giving serous consideration to what it has to say.

Obviously the shole point of a given advertisement is to get you to purchase a product, take a certain

action, or think in a certain way. An effective advertisement is very specific about the benefit to readers as a result of their buying, doing, or thinking whatever is being urged by the advertisement. It is extremely

important that you recognize the benefit stressed by an advertisement so that you can make a sound decision as to whether or not to follow its advice.

Key to Exercise 1

1. What is one of the keys to a successful advertisement mentioned in the passage? c

2. What should you always keep in mind when you are reading an advertisement? b

3. What is the real purpose of an advertisement? d

4. What can you infer from the passage? d

Key to Exercise 2

1. When designing advertisements, advertisers always try to target an intended audience as their potential


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